Robert Boudwin – Single Dad of 2 Sets of Twins, Former NBA Veteran Mascot of 21 Years with 140 Tattoos Turner Oil & Gas CMO & SVP of Sales

RADICAL…No, not like Tony Hawk or Shaun White, but radical none the less in the sense of anything, but tradition and definitely NOT the norm or Status Quo. In fact you will see that goal for life and especially my kids as my “superhero emblem” tattooed to the center of my chest…the words STATUS QUO inside a red circle with a red diagonal line through the middle.

I speak & write in parenthetical self effacing humor because it eases my soul and feels like a way to take power over detractors in advance. The more I think about it, being a Dad is being in the business of memory creation for the most important people in your world, your kids. I have always intended to CRUSH IT in this business more than any other!

If you are anything like me, your first real love was your career…which at some kind of wired level became your calling (agnostic by choice because I don’t think any of us have the real answer to THAT so let’s skip it which, yes, is the BIGGEST cop out in life, but don’t agree with believers or atheist either) and if you’re honest you loved more than anything. Your career. You owned it! NO ONE had any actual control early on when you had nothing to lose. Then you might have gotten married and had a wife. She was great. Regular sex and love and all that. BUT, if you are HERE, something BIG changed that shook you in a way you weren’t quite ready for… You had your first kid. Now listen, I always wanted children and pushed for it pretty hard. I ALWAYS wanted to be a Dad. I couldn’t WAIT! I opened a 529 account to save for my kids’ college education 6 years before they were even born & well before even trying to have them.

So then this life (or in my case 2 lives…twins) came into the world AND all of a sudden what was just listening to a tummy and an idea became a reality that CHANGED YOUR LIFE FOREVER. Nothing else mattered for a while. All the anxiety of how to provide and the weight of being in charge of another life that you had been experiencing during your partner’s pregnancy, completely washed away. There was something more important than your career, your wife and if you’re honest…YOURSELF. You didn’t get to really experience life like your partner who carried the child at first though.

So then you went back to filling your life with a bunch of work and feeling driven like “SHIT!” I need to make some FREAKING money to make sure this kid and their kid’s kids have money. Then at about 8 months, they started playing with you (4 month when they can make eye contact is overrated for a dad at least). You were rejuvenated if not redeemed for all your guilt of not connecting.

THIS PAGE/WEBSITE IS ALL ABOUT WHAT’S NEXT… Hope you join me on some of the “RADICAL DADDING” JOURNEYS I’VE INVESTED IN and that inspires you too! That’s what you are in for HERE…the different, the remarkable, the extreme & at very least conjuring up original, unique & memorable experiences for your children!

-Robert (OG Radical Dad)

Let’s make something together.

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