Introduction by James “Wegs” Wegerbauer

How to Raise Kids Little Radicals Who Can Think for Themselves…And Have Fun!

You Have to Challenge Authority. Be a Rebel. Your Most Important Social Responsibility is to Prevent the Abuse of Those Who Are in Power.  Question Them.” – Jorge Ramos, Journalist

Being the father of twins is different.  Being the father of two sets of twins is reallydifferent.  Having those two sets of twins with two different women (Robert interjecting here: from two separate marriages…just making sure there is not misunderstanding here about polygamy:) is really, really different.  But then again, he is different kind of guy.  Just look at him. Literally look at him and his body.  135 tattoos and counting!  As one says, “ALL IN”.  A true “ENEMY OF THE ORDINARY” his whole life as one of the tattoos says as well which is part of two completely done sleeves in white ink (Robert interjecting here again: so that I can trick some of the “suits” and “brass” into thinking I’m professional;). A two-time inductee into the Professional Mascot Hall of Fame.  (Yes, such a magical place actually exists, and he has ran 2 half marathons wearing his costume to promote organ donation awareness which is a cause near and dear to his heart because his Dad’s life was saved by a double lung transplant in 2012.). And as a different kind of guy, is it so surprising that he’s a different kind of dad? Some might say a radical dad.  Regardless of what others may think, here’s his take on raising independent kids who can think for themselves and stand on their own.  And have a little fun doing it.


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