Happy Tax Happy 2021


The Year Round Holiday Tree has switched from Easter to American Patriotism which starts with Tax Day on April 15th moves on to Memorial Day, remains for July 4th and then Labor Day until it changes to Halloween after that making this phase the longest ‘state’ (pun intended) of the tree for 5 months. Despite the facts that most people complain about paying taxes, we chose to see all the good that money goes towards supporting our country, society, inferstructure & helping those in need as well as the under served. It is easy to be cynical about government, taxes & politicians, but we chose to not judge the whole by a few bad apples AND understand that our country is simeltaneously about rewarding individual talents, efforts, creativity, innovations, and risk takers, BUT also is built on a base and unified infrastructure like roads, law enforcement, a military protecting our citizens from enemies both foreign and domenstic and a group of shared values and cultural diversity that we were founded upon. While this country has it’s problems, imperfections and glaring inadequacies and in equities that are more apparent then ever these days, we believe in the idea that most of us still believe and aspire to justice for all, the land of equal opportunity and trying to do the right thing for not only ourselves, but also the world. HAPPY TAX DAY! It is what funds it ALL:)