Please don’t take your organs to heaven. Heaven knows we need them here! Three generations of our family touched by the Gift of Life through Organ Donation. My father & my 2 sets of twins’ grandfather was saved by a double lung transplant in 2012 due to the forward thinking selfless decision of a young man named Ian Heidemann. Thank YOU IAN! Please consider being an official organ donor with only 60 seconds of your time. Visit: for our whole story & “Mini-Mentary” about OG RAD DAD’s Houston Half Marathon run for Organ Donation Awareness in full mascot costume as his former alter ego, Houston Rockets Mascot CLUTCH the Bear (creator & sole performer 1995-2016).

“An organ donor saved our Pop-Pop’s Life.” -Brooklyn age 4

“SIGN UP! SAVE LIVES!” -Bailey age 4

Thanksgiving Week (Dad Working From Home For The Week or Just Plain Old COVID Laid Off) Continues…

I’m fine with the toes, but honestly the fingers make me feel self conscious in public WAY more the the stupid Thanksgiving Wolverine hair! I know that sounds crazy like I should be more embarrassed by the obvious hair & just walk around with my hands in my pockets, but that just isn’t how my mind works…Temporary tatttoos over real tattoos…LOOK close at my real all white sleeves… The “leaf tear drop” temp tat for Thanksgiving Wolverine’s “victims” was an funny accident I noticed after my one daughter applied the tattoo and then when I looked in the mirror & thought to myself, “Well, Wolverine has killed, but just never been thrown in jail nor tattooed nor BOASTED about it with body art or any other kind of boasting for that matter.”😆😂🤪🙄🤦‍♂️. Hair & nails and fake tattoos are ALL gone & I’m back to “normal” by Sunday AT THE LATEST. 🙏🏻🤞🏻 Like I really needed kids as an excuse to do this stuff… that’s wrong, I do need kids as an excuse to do this stuff at THIS AGE!😏. That’s accurate.

“Mr Clean” AKA Tik Tok’s “Butt Scoot Guy” is a RAD DAD introducing his daughter @MaggieClean & Shows Radical Dadding some LOVE!


My daughter @maggieclean 🤣. Check out great website. #dadsoftiktok #fyp #friends #joeychallenge

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