A not-so-radical investment/ownership for your retirement, kids, your kids’ kids & BEYOND…

This is quite the opposite of Radical…as SAFE & SECURE as they come, but foreign to many. A safer way to provide for your kids when your gone that delivers monthly cash payments with a tax benefit without them inheriting “everything” all at once and possibly squandering especially in a state of grief.

Dads, I started as the CMO & SVP of Sales with Spear Minerals LLC about 1 & 1/2 years ago. About a year ago I bought $100K of the Mineral Rights Real Property with Deeds which is a fractional interest in over 19K acres just outside of College Station by transferring $100K from my traditional IRA to a self directed IRA without tax penalty for two major reasons: 1. As an investor I wanted to diversify a portion of my retirement and what I leave my two sets of twins as a single father away from the volatility of the market AND 2. I wanted something that wasn’t as easy for my kids to liquidate like an IRA/Mutual Funds which can be done in 48 hours to cash and this property passively cash flows monthly with a 15% tax break on income for life and returns 10-20% for generations to come. That APPEALED TO ME FIRST AS A DAD! A safe & secure ownership in real property that will most likely also appreciate in addition to the monthly income with tax break.

Please reach out if you’d like more detail property info, map, 3+ years of returns or general Mineral Rights Ownership. Here are some of the details here:My best is when I am truly honest & transparent. This is THAT!Was asked by a very smart and kind friend in a PM recently to “dumb down” Spear Minerals LLC for them. It is always a challenge for me to be brief and also effectively communicate without active real time feedback and questions probably in part because I’m an interactive learner and also spent 21 years professionally acting and reacting in real time…BUT here is the shot I gave it and hope it helps you too! Explaining in brief text is always harder without being able to field questions or clarification as we discuss, but here are the basics: You buy a certain dollar amount which equates to a fractional interest of real property which is subsurface real estate with deeds. You then receive monthly checks/ACHs direct to your bank account from the oil companies already drilling on the land and 15% of the income is not taxable. Recent returns (as of January 2022) have been usually 10-12%. Property is priced to return between 10-20% for generations to come all paying (cash flowing) monthly. Highs would be as high as 35% annualized or more when/if (most predict it by end of 2022) oil hit $100+. However, when we went on sale in August of 2020, oil was $37 and owners who bought our property received 8% annualized that month. Absolute low return was an annualized 2% month at worst part of Covid.

People like this because it is investing in TANGIBLE REAL PROPERTY that has all been proven to have oil (not a speculative drilling deal) with 170+ well already producing oil and cash to mineral right owners who get paid on gross oil from ground at spot price of oil that month. There are 250 more spots which are called PUDs (Proven Undeveloped) still to be drilled meaning NOT IF there is oil, but rather just WHEN the oil companies go get it. 22 of those 250 PUDs are in development NOW as of January, 2022 (some already in pay status awaiting division orders) ready to spike volume and in turn returns/yields. It takes 30 years to extract 9-15% of the Original Oil In Place with current technology.It is passive double digit income with a 15% tax break without the expense, liability or hassle of rental properties and surface property. They also like it because it cash flow monthly which is a tangible “dividend” without the volatility of the market where when people were losing 30% of their life savings during Covid, people who bought our property still got a check that month. Just a smaller one. I could go deeper and am more than willing to take you to lunch on me obligation free or set up a call to answer questions.

I would not have converted without penalty $100K of my retirement IRA to this over a year ago and had 2 separate friends buy 3 separate times if this weren’t safe and good. Key is SAFE & SECURE monthly cash flow with a tax break. UNITS are priced at $120K and high is 3 & 1/3% of the $3.6M portfolio of real property and we sell 1/2 units too at $60K. If the minimum in an issue, I’ve been authorized to go as low at $30K buys for friends and family which you are.People buy with cash from saving or checking in bank, liquidate some mutual funds or move funds from a traditional IRA to a self directed IRA (we work with 3 different banks that all except our mineral rights) as IRA qualified. My cell is 832-541-3865.Purchase/Closing is easy with a PSA (Purchase Sales Agreement) via email DocuSign and a wire transfer from you. We absorb ALL closing cost which is the filing of all the deeds in your name in 4 different counties. Oil companies pay 2 months in the rear for them and the state to verify that everyone is getting their fair share. We back date closing to the 1st of the month and do NOT prorate giving you the whole month’s production income regardless when you close throughout the month. Holler Dads! -Robert 832-541-3865

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