Don’t look back. You are not going there!

I got a 2nd tattoo in my last session last week that I didn’t want mixed into the shuffle of my affinity for my home town sports teams from Philadelphia as far as publicly sharing it goes.

I share this with you not just in hopes of inspiring you, but also let you know like all my “quote” tattoos, they are there primarily to remind me & inspire myself when life’s challenges & at time complete road block present themselves.

What I would say to you and myself is that while “Those who do not understand history are doomed to repeat it.”, we should not dwell nor marinate in it. Learn the lesson good or bad and then move on. As a long time friend once told me which I have found to proven true, “Bobby, no matter how bad things are & you feel or how good things are & you feel, it will end & change.”

So, if you’ve been wronged by circumstances or the vindictive, malicious & at times evil a toons of others, I say to you, “DON’T LOOK BACK. YOU’RE NOT GOING THERE!”

Here’s to the future my friends!

-Robert Paul Boudwin

-Single Dad of 2 Sets of Twins Radical

-Realtor JLA Realty Robert Boudwin Realtor – JLA Broker &

-CMO Spear Minerals (Monthly Cash Flowing Real Property w/Deeds w/Tax Break Diversifying from the Volatile Market w/ SAFE & SECURE long term 10-20% predicted & experienced returns) Spear Minerals LLC &

-OG Creator & Sole Performer of NBA’s Houston Rockets CLUTCH the Bear (1995-2016)

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