Attention Divorced Parents! How to make some holidays EXTRA SPECIAL for your Kids at a DISCOUNT!

ALL of this cost me less than $45 after tax! I didn’t have my twin daughter on the day of Valentine’s Day and they come home this year on 2/16/23 when we talked about celebrating the holiday. So I went to our local grocery store & found everything well over 1/2 off and all the HUGE balloons that usually cost $20, $30, $50 or more at a premium for this holiday for only $1 EACH! The beautiful rose arrangement in the glass vase was discounted to only $20. Same with the chocolates and cards. I think this would have bee hundreds if bought on 2/13 or 2/14. So next time a holiday rolls around that you don’t have your kids for, wait until the day after and take to the stores then. Even if it is not one of the major holidays, you will still be able to for pennies on the dollar create an experience you would not otherwise probably been able to afford at that level. You will be able to stretch your dollar SO MUCH MORE & more importantly create an indelible memory for your child or children! After all that is the business as parents that we are in…MEMORY CREATION!

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