Thanksgiving Week (Dad Working From Home For The Week or Just Plain Old COVID Laid Off) Continues…

I’m fine with the toes, but honestly the fingers make me feel self conscious in public WAY more the the stupid Thanksgiving Wolverine hair! I know that sounds crazy like I should be more embarrassed by the obvious hair & just walk around with my hands in my pockets, but that just isn’t how my mind works…Temporary tatttoos over real tattoos…LOOK close at my real all white sleeves… The “leaf tear drop” temp tat for Thanksgiving Wolverine’s “victims” was an funny accident I noticed after my one daughter applied the tattoo and then when I looked in the mirror & thought to myself, “Well, Wolverine has killed, but just never been thrown in jail nor tattooed nor BOASTED about it with body art or any other kind of boasting for that matter.”😆😂🤪🙄🤦‍♂️. Hair & nails and fake tattoos are ALL gone & I’m back to “normal” by Sunday AT THE LATEST. 🙏🏻🤞🏻 Like I really needed kids as an excuse to do this stuff… that’s wrong, I do need kids as an excuse to do this stuff at THIS AGE!😏. That’s accurate.

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