UPCOMING ‘RAD DAD’ DRESS UP MOVIES (it is like halloween 20+ times per year!)

-Ant Man — 2/18 -Shazam — 2/19 -Creed — 3/4 -Dungeons & Dragons — 4/1 -Mario Bros — 4/8 -Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 — 5/6 -Indiana Jones — 7/2 ALL COSTUMES BOUGHT & IN HOUSE READY TO GO! CAN’T WAIT! ANY OTHER DAD’S OUT THERE ‘RAD’ OR NOT WHO’D LIKE TO JOIN WITH THEIRContinue reading “UPCOMING ‘RAD DAD’ DRESS UP MOVIES (it is like halloween 20+ times per year!)”

Our very 1st Lego Set assembled by the instructions completely. Also a nice teaching moment about accepting all the different types of people in the world because the world would be boring if we were all the same!

Christmas 2022 Was Rad!

An Important Message from The Boudwin Twinses at Christmas Time Our Cups Runneth Over It is settled once & for all…Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie! AND a story book! ROCK N’ ROLL! Our Favorite Gifts from Christmas 2022 In Action! A House Divided Once Again! Phillie Phanatic To The Rescue! Santa Left The LargestContinue reading “Christmas 2022 Was Rad!”