What we like to call the 30 hour Destin to Galveston with an over night Pit Stop in Spring, TX for laundry & road rest VACATION 1/2 POINT TURN AROUND! Thank YOU ROSS FAMILY for hosting us Boudwins once again! Vacation FUN Part 2 in Galveston, TX as ‘RAD’ as possible with 2 sets ofContinue reading “VACATION GALVESTON 2021”


HOLEY MOLEY! RAINY DAY AT THE BEACH so off to see Boss Baby: Family Business 1ST TIME THEY EVER ASKED TO TAKE A PICTURE…THAT’S HOW MUCH THEY WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE NEXT… MINI GOLF with TWIN 12 YR OLDS & TWIN 4 YR OLDS I honestly think I deserve a patience & perseverance trophyContinue reading “VACATION DESTIN 2021”

Happy Tax Happy 2021

READ THE T-SHIRTS!!! The Year Round Holiday Tree has switched from Easter to American Patriotism which starts with Tax Day on April 15th moves on to Memorial Day, remains for July 4th and then Labor Day until it changes to Halloween after that making this phase the longest ‘state’ (pun intended) of the tree forContinue reading “Happy Tax Happy 2021”