SPECIAL DAY — my twins sons’ mother & I created “special day” years back where we’d split the twins up for a day & each take one so the could have focus one on one attention and individual time with each parent.The boys love it and look forward to it especially since we charge them with planning the whole days’ activities out with pretty much whatever they want to do and where ever they want to eat. Ironically both boys usually pick the same activities anyway when alone. Main Event with bowling, lazar tag & video games is a favorite. Jack inspired me to bowl my best game ever at a 150 with a Turkey book ended between two spares. As you can see my thumb SUFFERED for the game 🦃👍🏻😩🎳.I’d highly recommended doing this now and then a few times a year to any parents of twins who are together or divorced. The twins spend almost every moment of their life together so it really is a treat and growth experience for them. It really helps with parent child individual connection, communication & self esteem in my opinion.

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