Little Mermaid in ‘Rad Dad’ Style

Movie Time w/ Aquaman & Ariels! Quick stop at Bailey’s “home” Olive Garden to eat first! Bailey declared to the family when we first ate at a Olive Garden a year ago that she wanted to live here, so now anytime one of the other 3 kids or so see an Olive Garden anywhere isContinue reading “Little Mermaid in ‘Rad Dad’ Style”

3rd Annual Parkapolosa 2023

DADS, weather permitting, please join us (myself & 2 Sets of Twins – Boys 14 & Girls 6) for our 3rd Annual Parkapolosa 2023 on Sunday, May 7th from noon – 5 when we visit 10 Woodlands/Spring/Tomball Area Playgrounds in 5 hours! Good clean FREE fun for all! Please email or call/text my cellContinue reading “3rd Annual Parkapolosa 2023”