Daniel Adams an off duty Houston Police Officer who bought my Twin Daughters Snow Cones

My faith in humanity has been restored once again! I got all 4 of my kids back to me today at 2pm and took them to the food park on Gosling in Spring behind the Shell Station.My twin sons went to buy ice cream while my twin daughters wanted snow cones. When I was about to pay a man walked up and asked if he would let him pay explaining that he promised the vendor he’d be back for dessert after selecting something for an entre and eating first, but he no long wanted a snow cone, but wanted to keep his word to the vendor buy something. I said he really didn’t have to and that was the nicest & kindest thing ever for my girls, but he should have to do that. He insisted saying it was his name pleasure. While we were waiting for the snow cones being made I asked were he was from and what he did for a living as polite talk. Turns out Officer Daniel Adams is an HPD officer from Houston. I thanked him and the kids and I found a picnic table to dine.I was so moved by his random act of kindness coupled with his integrity to keep his word to the snow cone vendor, I walked my twins girls back across the lawn in the middle of the food park to where he was sitting and asked for a photo which he obliged. Thank you Officer Adams, HPD & ALL the good people out there doing good things for total strangers everyday! I wish these were the stories on the local & national news MUCH more instead of the few bad things that tend to make some of us think that the world is starting to become filled with greed and hatred. IT IS NOT! The VAST MAJORITY of people are good and act so daily!

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