Luke’s 1st Rock Concert!

Imagine Dragons

SO SO GOOD! I’m so glad it was my son Luke’s 1st Real Rock Concert that he will remember (having taken him to The Beach Boys for their 50th Anniversary Tour when he was only 3 doesn’t count 🏖😂🏄‍♂️). This show had EVERYTHING from an amazing heartfelt lead singer who is a true entertainer and CONNECTS with the audience to all the bells and whistles not sharing a dime in the special effects that make almost every song extra special. Forget this band had THIS MANY HITS I could sing along to! Thank you Luke for wanting to go. Jack and are going to do something different he appreciates more. When I asked him about going he simply replied, “No thanks. You guys go. Why would I want to go SEE something that is all just about listening to and Alexa is RIGHT THERE! In fact, Alexa, play Imagine Dragons. SEE!”👨‍👦‍👦😆😂🤣🤘🏻🎸

At one point they played the song the Rockets used in my retirement party video summing up the 21 year montage they surprised me with at my retirement celebration at Toyota Center with the whole staff. It gave me chills… 🚀🧸🏀

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