Brooklyn & Bailey’s 1st EVER Soccer Game!

Our 1st Soccer Game EVER! Quite literally this video is the very beginning of the game & Brooklyn took the ball right off the kick-off & SCORED immediately ( 1 of her 2 goals)! Was also my coaching debut for the girls having coaches years earlier for my sons team as well. 8-1 Victory forContinue reading “Brooklyn & Bailey’s 1st EVER Soccer Game!”

Luke’s 1st Rock Concert!

Imagine Dragons SO SO GOOD! I’m so glad it was my son Luke’s 1st Real Rock Concert that he will remember (having taken him to The Beach Boys for their 50th Anniversary Tour when he was only 3 doesn’t count ). This show had EVERYTHING from an amazing heartfelt lead singer who is a true entertainerContinue reading “Luke’s 1st Rock Concert!”


13. Realtor Door Hangers As A Family Team 12. Celebrating The 4th Of July 11. Video Games, Video Games & More Video Games For Jack & Luke 10. Practicing Soccer As A Family In Our New Back Yard Mini-Field 9. Reading (Daddy to Girls & Boys On Their Own  For Fun With Jack Reading 5 FullContinue reading “BOUDWIN SUMMER TOP 13”

2nd Set of Twins 1st Day of Kindergarten & 1st Sets of Twins 1st Day of 8th Grade!

Kind of worried here folks…my sons’ mother and stepfather have been making fun of Luke’s sneakers, which I bought for first day of school, because they are some basketball player I’ve never heard of brand and that that player believes the Earth is Flat. I had no clue of the name (no surprize there fromContinue reading “2nd Set of Twins 1st Day of Kindergarten & 1st Sets of Twins 1st Day of 8th Grade!”