NOT Always 1 ‘Rad’ Moment After Another…


Being a single Dad of 2 sets of twins having them with me half the week is not always one ‘RAD’ moment after another.  Make no mistake, those “Radical” Moments are super fun with great anticipation sometimes being planned for weeks & other times happening spontaneously.

However, most of the week is just like many of your weeks filled with chores, homework, cooker nothing special, shower/bath time (not always a disco bath due to time constraints), nail clipping, hair brushing (detangler is the 21st century’s greatest invention), quiet reading moments, movies, some of our favorite shows like Young Sheldon, Mickey Mouse Club, Paw Patrol, etc.  I often feel like at least one of the following in on 24 hours per day; the dish washer, clothes washer or dryer AND let’s not forget cleaning, cleaning & MORE CLEANING! Sometimes I feel like the clown balancing 5 spinning plates on sticks, but as you all know IT IS MORE THAN WORTH IT! It’s the best gift/job/role of a life time…BEING A PARENT!

That said, there are moments that test you, that you just kind of have to take in stride and even though I probably should have laughed here, I could help being amazed at her cunning and ability to SELL the fib at only 2 & 1/2 years old (this video is over 2 years old). I had put Brooklyn & Bailey down for their afternoon nap and Brooklyn as standard complied jumping up into bed and going right to sleep. Bailey however as standard as well went begrudgingly negotiating, debating & and outright arguing with me. She finally agreed once seeing her twin sister fast asleep already.

I closed the door and went out to the living room to get some work done on my lap top. A few minutes later I heard a knock at the door from the inside of the bedroom. Immediately I had my suspicions that Bailey was not asleep and was the perpetrator of the NAP ESCAPE attempt, however she had not yet mastered turning the door knob yet.

I cracked the door open to find Bailey standing there with a pack of wipes in her hand looking up at me saying, “Daddy, poo poo.” I looked back down at her with doubt to say the least and said, “You have poo poo in your diaper?” She replied with a straight face, “Yes.” So I brought her quietly out to the living room so as not to wake her sleeping fraturnal twin sister. After gathering all the supplies being the diaper, Aquaphor & the diaper which was graciously already provided to me, I laid her down on the living room carpet and took her shoes and jeans off. One last time I asked her with a serious face, “You have poo poo in your diaper?” She replied by arching her bottom and back and patting her own bottom and saying to me with a dead straight face, “Daddy, LOTS of poo poo!” I said, “OK Bailey.” Well, the second I pulled the tabs on the diaper and pulled it down to find a perfect clean diaper, her face broke into a huge smile and laugh and said (And I mean with word for word verbatim), “No Poo Poo! NO NAP!!”

I tried not to laugh, but couldn’t help it, by age 2 & 1/2 she had already learned to effectively con me! I immediately grabbed my phone to document the “interrogation” after the fact as seen above.

We’ve all been there. Please share some of your ‘Non-Rad’ Moments by emailing them to me at so I can share some of them with us all!

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