HOLEY MOLEY! RAINY DAY AT THE BEACH so off to see Boss Baby: Family Business 1ST TIME THEY EVER ASKED TO TAKE A PICTURE…THAT’S HOW MUCH THEY WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE NEXT… MINI GOLF with TWIN 12 YR OLDS & TWIN 4 YR OLDS I honestly think I deserve a patience & perseverance trophyContinue reading “VACATION DESTIN 2021”

NOT Always 1 ‘Rad’ Moment After Another…

My FAVORITE ‘NON-RAD’ STORY… Being a single Dad of 2 sets of twins having them with me half the week is not always one ‘RAD’ moment after another.  Make no mistake, those “Radical” Moments are super fun with great anticipation sometimes being planned for weeks & other times happening spontaneously. However, most of the week isContinue reading “NOT Always 1 ‘Rad’ Moment After Another…”


SPOILER ALERT: PARENTS ONLY! Getting ahead of the game for Easter 2021 with the help of 2 “Jr Easter Bunnies In Training” (twin 12 yr old bros in on the secret now getting in on the FUN in a whole new way preparing for their twin 4 year old sisters’ return on Sunday).It was aContinue reading “EASTER 2021”