For all you ‘Rad Dads’ & ‘Rad Moms’ too for that matter in the Spring, Woodlands & Tomball area, please join us tomorrow in costume. We’ll be getting there a half hour before start time! Is it us & all our “Radical” Adventures at I’m a single Dad of these 2 sets of beautifulContinue reading “ANTMAN & WASP ‘RAD DAD’ STYLE!”

Christmas 2022 Was Rad!

An Important Message from The Boudwin Twinses at Christmas Time Our Cups Runneth Over It is settled once & for all…Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie! AND a story book! ROCK N’ ROLL! Our Favorite Gifts from Christmas 2022 In Action! A House Divided Once Again! Phillie Phanatic To The Rescue! Santa Left The LargestContinue reading “Christmas 2022 Was Rad!”