24 hours ago I didn’t know Derek Bailey, so I hesitate to use the word neighbor nor de we live in the same exact subdivision.I bought a drive way basketball goal on Amazon about a month ago that has been sitting inside my entry way since and looking at it with dread everyday since. This was “Daddy’s” gift to the family and not Santa’s. It is adjustable for the 5 ½ year olds to enjoy with mini balls at 7.5 feet and the almost 13 year olds to enjoy at 10 feet. I am the least handy person I know. Yesterday at the suggestion of a friend I post the below in a new neighborhood group I joined in Auburn Lakes yesterday. I was overwhelmed by the responses…. None more than Derek Bailey who at the suggest of his wife who saw my post reached out immediately yesterday saying he could do it yesterday or today and wouldn’t except any payment.“I’m a single dad of 2 sets of twins and have gotten GREAT sitters when needed from this page, THANK YOU! I am terrible at assembling stuff and have an office job right now. I bought my 4 kids a basketball hoop, not in ground, and also need to know if I need to ask and pay for approval to put in driveway like everyone else (I want to follow the rules), but truth be told I SUCK at assembling stuff like this. If you are a Dad or Mom who LEGIT knows what they are doing, I’ve got $100 and my participation the whole time to assemble while my 2 sets of twins while not with me so they can see it when they come home on 12/28/21, meaning done by COB (haha biz term) on 12/27/21. PLEASE HELP!! End of year in my business is packed. NEED Auburn Lakes Help.”Derek Bailey left my house 2 hours ago after me helping him do something that I would have taken 8 hours to mess up. The next time you get gloomy with the state of the world you remember Derek. And while this might not seem like a huge deal to some of the snarky or cinical people out there, it means THE WORLD to me. The kindness of strangers has left me awe struck and grateful this holiday season. However, something tells me this did not happen because of the holiday season. It happened because of who Derek Bailey and his wife ARE EVERYDAY!My faith in humanity has been restored if not redeemed. Thank you Derek! HERE’S TO THE FUTURE FOLKS!!!HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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Speaker - Performer - Marketer - Brand Builder - Mascot Expert - Writer - Enemy of the Ordinary

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