2nd Set of Twins 1st Day of Kindergarten & 1st Sets of Twins 1st Day of 8th Grade!

Kind of worried here folks😆😂…my sons’ mother and stepfather have been making fun of Luke’s sneakers, which I bought for first day of school, because they are some basketball player I’ve never heard of brand and that that player believes the Earth is Flat. I had no clue of the name (no surprize there from anyone who knows me), but I had no idea ANYONE still really thought the Earth was flat since like 400 years ago. WHAT’S GOING ON? Is there a grown man in the NBA that travels on planes through time zones and around the curvature of the Earth who doesn’t believe that is happening?!?! IF SO, maybe let’s schedule that team for a exhibition game in Japan and fly there East and then after the game continue flying East to get home…🙄🙄🌎🌍🌏👀 LOOK…it is even an emoji right here on our phones with 3 perspectives of its sphericalness…IT MUST BE TRUE IF IT IS ON OUR PHONES!

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