Batman V Superman

My identical sons were 7 years old at this time. Now they turn 12 in early February, 2021. They look from afar like they are 4 (thanks to their 5′ 3″ Mom’s genetics) to the average Rockets Fan in the stands. This happened serendipitously when I realized 3 weeks prior the release of Batman V Superman the Movie was coming out on the same Friday night as a Houston Rockets Home Game AND they had been Martial Arts training & each others’ sparring partners for 4 years at this point 3 days per week. If that isn’t a run on sentence, I don’t know what is… Nothing was staged except the punch to the Ref’s NUTS (ME as CLUTCH), the cued ICE ICE BABY by Vanilla for the “BALLS” and the run off with them holding hands. OH, the “Soft America” hated this one, but the REAL America got my back and I didn’t even have to speak up. SO PROUD of these boys for being able to execute what they did 3 times per week in front of 18K+ without even hesitating with no pressure from me…just an ask, “want to spar at a Rockets Game?”. Obviously all protective gear was worn as seen and under the one sized up costumes. BTW, they got their FULL named Black Belts a year later after further training and testing from FAMILY ATA in Spring, TX. That is thanks to the owners the Resurreccion’s & Instructors the Whitley’s and their mom and I driving:)

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