Little Mermaid in ‘Rad Dad’ Style

Movie Time w/ Aquaman & Ariels! Quick stop at Bailey’s “home” Olive Garden to eat first! Bailey declared to the family when we first ate at a Olive Garden a year ago that she wanted to live here, so now anytime one of the other 3 kids or so see an Olive Garden anywhere isContinue reading “Little Mermaid in ‘Rad Dad’ Style”

Dungeons & Dragons with NEWTON the Dragon

OH YES WE DID! Newton the Dragon had to take his 2 little Twin Dragon in “Dragon Radical Dadding” Style to see it properly while repping Mascot U on their in service day off school! I mean how could I not pull out a $10K costume for a movie called Dungeons & Dragons! The staffContinue reading “Dungeons & Dragons with NEWTON the Dragon”


For all you ‘Rad Dads’ & ‘Rad Moms’ too for that matter in the Spring, Woodlands & Tomball area, please join us tomorrow in costume. We’ll be getting there a half hour before start time! Is it us & all our “Radical” Adventures at I’m a single Dad of these 2 sets of beautifulContinue reading “ANTMAN & WASP ‘RAD DAD’ STYLE!”

UPCOMING ‘RAD DAD’ DRESS UP MOVIES (it is like halloween 20+ times per year!)

-Ant Man — 2/18 -Shazam — 2/19 -Creed — 3/4 -Dungeons & Dragons — 4/1 -Mario Bros — 4/8 -Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 — 5/6 -Indiana Jones — 7/2 ALL COSTUMES BOUGHT & IN HOUSE READY TO GO! CAN’T WAIT! ANY OTHER DAD’S OUT THERE ‘RAD’ OR NOT WHO’D LIKE TO JOIN WITH THEIRContinue reading “UPCOMING ‘RAD DAD’ DRESS UP MOVIES (it is like halloween 20+ times per year!)”

Christmas 2022 Was Rad!

An Important Message from The Boudwin Twinses at Christmas Time Our Cups Runneth Over It is settled once & for all…Die Hard Is A Christmas Movie! AND a story book! ROCK N’ ROLL! Our Favorite Gifts from Christmas 2022 In Action! A House Divided Once Again! Phillie Phanatic To The Rescue! Santa Left The LargestContinue reading “Christmas 2022 Was Rad!”