Little Mermaid in ‘Rad Dad’ Style

Movie Time w/ Aquaman & Ariels! Quick stop at Bailey’s “home” Olive Garden to eat first! Bailey declared to the family when we first ate at a Olive Garden a year ago that she wanted to live here, so now anytime one of the other 3 kids or so see an Olive Garden anywhere isContinue reading “Little Mermaid in ‘Rad Dad’ Style”

Dungeons & Dragons with NEWTON the Dragon

OH YES WE DID! Newton the Dragon had to take his 2 little Twin Dragon in “Dragon Radical Dadding” Style to see it properly while repping Mascot U on their in service day off school! I mean how could I not pull out a $10K costume for a movie called Dungeons & Dragons! The staffContinue reading “Dungeons & Dragons with NEWTON the Dragon”


For all you ‘Rad Dads’ & ‘Rad Moms’ too for that matter in the Spring, Woodlands & Tomball area, please join us tomorrow in costume. We’ll be getting there a half hour before start time! Is it us & all our “Radical” Adventures at I’m a single Dad of these 2 sets of beautifulContinue reading “ANTMAN & WASP ‘RAD DAD’ STYLE!”