SUB ZERO Tae Kwon Do Dad

How I took my twin 5 year old daughters to Tae Kwon Do Class this morning. Sub Zero doubles here with the martial arts context & the freezing temps in Houston right now🥷🥶

Thank you owners Paul & Hazel for making things for the young ones fun, but also ALL BUSINESS, DISCIPLINE & FOCUS while on the mat!👨‍👧‍👧🥋🥷🥋

Here’s a throw-back to 6 years ago when my now 13 year old Black Belt by age 9 (1st Sets of Twin Sons since taking classes year round 3 days per week from 4 years old) who were 7 years old at the time tore it up in front of 18.5 thousand fans! Yes, that is a very poorly formed sentence😏

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