Happy Tax Happy 2021

READ THE T-SHIRTS!!! The Year Round Holiday Tree has switched from Easter to American Patriotism which starts with Tax Day on April 15th moves on to Memorial Day, remains for July 4th and then Labor Day until it changes to Halloween after that making this phase the longest ‘state’ (pun intended) of the tree forContinue reading “Happy Tax Happy 2021”


SPOILER ALERT: PARENTS ONLY! Getting ahead of the game for Easter 2021 with the help of 2 “Jr Easter Bunnies In Training” (twin 12 yr old bros in on the secret now getting in on the FUN in a whole new way preparing for their twin 4 year old sisters’ return on Sunday).It was aContinue reading “EASTER 2021”


St Patty’s Day (month) Shenanigans = Green Hair Pomade + Shamrock Temp Tattoos + Green Glow Sticks + Green St Pat’s T-Shirts + Holiday Tree Decked Our w/ Shamrocks + World’s Tallest Leprechaun as an Air Dancer In The Front Yard + Painting Our Nails (& Daddy’s whole toes really:) Green + Largest Sidewalk ChalkContinue reading “ST PAT’S DAY SHENANIGANS”


Radical St. Patrick’s Day Sidewalk Chalking = 144 green sidewalk chalk sticks + help of another Radical Dad & former NBA Mascot Performer = 1 BIG FOUR LEAF CLOVER! Thanks Scott Hesington for visiting with us for a RADICAL DADDING SUNDAY which amounted to helping with our St. Patrick’s Day Side Walk Chalk “masterpiece” ofContinue reading “1 BIG 4 LEAF CLOVER”


The Christmas Tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving 2020, but doesn’t come down until January 2, 2022. We do this every few years, but not every year so that is remains special and I don’t have a damn Christmas Tree as a permanant fixture in our home. Yes, I realize I just used aContinue reading “YEAR ROUND HOLIDAY TREE”