Daddy Daughters Day of Decadence

We started off with lunch at Perry’s Steakhouse for Halloween Weekend for their Famous Friday Pork Chop Special. Then we went to the Houston Children’s Museum for 3 hours which was FUN! We ended the excursions with dinner at Kirby’s Steakhouse in the Woodlands with Lobster Escargot, a Wedge Salad & a Cowboy Cut Bone in 24 ounce Rib Eye which we all shared! BEST DAY EVER! You might be temped to think these are all new activities for social media or website posting, but there not. I just start documenting some of our adventures at the advice of a good friend, Wegs, who is talked about via a link from the home page about’s origins. Have a look at Bailey eating at The Taste of Texas Steakhouse gnawing at the remainder of my Tomahawk Ribeye Bone from 3 years back and Brooklyn & Bailey’s older twins brothers Jack & Luke’s 3rd Birthday hosted at Mo’s Steakhouse which in my opinion was as nice as they come from 9 years back, Radical Dadding didn’t just start. It just started getting regularly documented a little over a year ago. Can’t wait for these kids to get a look back 10 or 20 years from now!:)

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