4/4/2021 — Hey Kids, have a look & a listen to the new Story Time Series NEWTON is doing with the HISFF on behalf of Life Gift & The Todd Krampitz Foundation. It launched this morning!MEDIA RELEASE:Houston International Sports Film Festival Presents Weekend Story Time for Children with Houston’s Smartest Dragon NEWTON as created & portrayed by Robert Boudwin creator & sole performer of Houston Rockets Mascot CLUTCH the Bear (1995-2016) & his 2 sets of twin dragons/bears/kids brought to you by Life Gift & The Todd Krampitz Foundation Asking EVERYONE to say YES to Organ Donation Registration as well as Helfman Dodge, Chrysler & Jeep. Participate in our Mascot Design & Illustration Contest!



Getting ahead of the game for Easter 2021 with the help of 2 “Jr Easter Bunnies In Training” (twin 12 yr old bros in on the secret now getting in on the FUN in a whole new way preparing for their twin 4 year old sisters’ return on Sunday).It was a 5 person team effort to dye the eggs Monday, but then the 3 of us as Team Boudwin Boys went to work last night assembling & arranging 8 baskets (1 for gifts like new hair brushes & detangler, unicorn tooth brushes & paste, T-Shirt, Toy cars in favorite colors, etc AND 1 for eggs, candies & chocolates).🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺🦄👚🚗♥️💙💜💖🍭🍬🍫

Looks like the Easter Bunny armed everyone with a “Light Saber” (97 cent pool noodles) in each of their favorite colors arming Daddy with a much larger one of course Darth Vader Style! OH & we NEEDED 60 confetti eggs for the “Easter War”! 😂👨‍👦‍👦🐰🐰🐰👨‍👧‍👧⚔️

I got some looks when I walked through the mall dressed like an Easter Bunny with 2 little Easter Bunnies to see THE EASTER BUNNY!:)


St Patty’s Day (month) Shenanigans = Green Hair Pomade + Shamrock Temp Tattoos + Green Glow Sticks + Green St Pat’s T-Shirts + Holiday Tree Decked Our w/ Shamrocks + World’s Tallest Leprechaun as an Air Dancer In The Front Yard + Painting Our Nails (& Daddy’s whole toes really:) Green + Largest Sidewalk Chalk Green Shamrock in Our Driveway (144 sticks) + Shamrock Balloons & as ALWAYS costumes Former NBA Mascot Performer Style! OH, & add in 2 sets of twins with a self proclaimed Rad Dad!

RAD Way To Start Spring Break 2021

Texas TreeVentures was Radical in ALL the best ways and a great way for a Rad Dad & his kids to start Spring Break without breaking the bank!  “Rappelling” over & over from 50 feet on an automatic hands free belay system & transversing all kinds of obstacles at 3 different levels upwards of 50′ in the air ROCKED for two 12 year old twins and their aging 46 year old Dad too! Visit

I’m Alegergic To Monopoly As An Adult…

Radical Way to start Spring Break 2021 for sure = 4 hour Marvel Avengers Version Monopoly

A Radical Way to start Spring Break 2021 for sure = 4 hour Marvel Avengers Version Monopoly Game that is technically 5 hours due to Day Lights Savings time 10p-2a (3a). I lost AGAIN & have decided I’ve developed an allergy as an adult to Monopoly due to it’s lack of brevity🙄👨‍👦‍👦💵⏰😂🥱


Radical St. Patrick’s Day Sidewalk Chalking = 144 green sidewalk chalk sticks + help of another Radical Dad & former NBA Mascot Performer = 1 BIG FOUR LEAF CLOVER!

Thanks Scott Hesington for visiting with us for a RADICAL DADDING SUNDAY which amounted to helping with our St. Patrick’s Day Side Walk Chalk “masterpiece”🍀🎨😏😂 of 144 green sticks of chalk, 100+ Nerf Gun Armory, Bounce House, Water Guns, Trip to the Park, Popsicles, Magic Tricks & Fish Tacos made it what I’d call a Radical Dadding Sunday for sure! From 1 Rad Dad to another, STAY WIERD!