OH Boy! THIS is turning into a REAL pickle for me!

Born & raised until 21 in Philly & all of the rest of my 27 adult years in Houston working in sports for most of it and having two sets of twins who are Houstonians…WHAT TO DO?!?!🤷‍♂️⚾️.

My Philly Friends already hate me for even asking I’m sure as they teach us to HATE the Cowboys before they teach us to walk there. To explain best New Yorkers hate everyone, Philadelphians hate everyone including themselves!

The Houstonians probably feel one of their major city’s icons for 21 years just stabbed them in the back😩😫

Thoughts??? Cut the hats in half and sew them together and just root for offense?!?

Brooklyn & Bailey’s 1st EVER Soccer Game!

Our 1st Soccer Game EVER! Quite literally this video is the very beginning of the game & Brooklyn took the ball right off the kick-off & SCORED immediately ( 1 of her 2 goals)! Was also my coaching debut for the girls having coaches years earlier for my sons team as well.⚽️🥅👨‍👧‍👧😳🎉 8-1 Victory for the Warriors!

P.S. We were playing a player down 4 to their 5 the whole game. 🤯