We’ve gone to scores of movies dressed as the characters we go to watch on screen. We learned early on to show up at least 30 minutes prior to previews start since we get asked for photos by so many movie goers in the lobby. Many think we are paid “performers” there to promote the movie, but it is just how we like to take something average and mundane and turn it into something special, unforgettable, different, remarkable & most IMPORTANTLY an opportunity for me to do one of my jobs as a father which is the business of memory creation. MANY MANY MORE movies RAD DAD Style to come…


The Christmas Tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving 2020, but doesn’t come down until January 2, 2022. We do this every few years, but not every year so that is remains special and I don’t have a damn Christmas Tree as a permanant fixture in our home. Yes, I realize I just used a derivation of the word Christ and damn in the same sentence. I’m sorry. I’m open to other transitions of the tree, but here they are as has happened in the past and currently planned for this year: CHRISTMAS — VALENTINE’S DAY — ST. PATRICK’S DAY — EASTER — AMERICA (the least maintence since it runs the day after Easter through the day after Labor Day which includes Memorial Day and July 4th) — HALLOWEEN — THANKSGIVING — BACK TO CHRISTMAS! Any other suggestions/themes/holidays in there I should “cover” the tree with (pun intended)??? Email robert@robertboudwin.com with suggestions and YOUR RAD DAD or RAD MOM moments for that matter!

Teaching Service To Others Radically At A Young Age

Every Christmas since my twins sons were 4 years old they would dress as elves and accompany me several nights each December as I was either dress as the Houston Rockets Mascot CLUTCH the Bear with a Santa Suit on top or just dress as Santa myself and we would ring the bell for 3-5 hours outside a grocery store, Walmart, Toyota Center, Car Dealership, Sam’s Club, The Mall, HECK where every I could convince them to let us. It taught them the concept of helping others and the less fortunate at a very real and tangible way at a young age. It was not organized by anyone other than me calling the Salvation Army up and asking to volunteer time to find extra places to ring their bell and fill their pots. My daughters have followed suit as well dress as a Snowman and a Christmas Tree for their first Christmas raising money as the whole clan of us rang the bell. You be surprised how many $20 come out of wallets instead of change when the whole family is dressed as Christmas Characters. The organ donation work came naturally as we were thankful for the gift of life given my father Paul by his donor Ian Heidemann and we honor him and his family several times a year with organ donation runs and fundraisers. SIGN UP! SAVE LIVES! donatelifeamerica.com in 60 seconds. That life might be your’s one day!

These Identical Twins Were Natural Born Entertainers (PROUD DAD). Houston Rockets Mascot (Me/Rad Dad) Santa Clutch Gives a “NEW SON” for Christmas

These twins NAILED it every time they did a skit on court with no stage fright at all in front of 18K fans even at 6 years old:).