Ella Elf on the Shelf 2020

Our Elf on the Shelf “creatively named” Ella (straight from the book & subsequent movie) mimics the fun we had daily by recreating it nightly while we sleep with the brains behind the operation being a collaboration between the 11 year old Identical Twin Boys & Daddy and almost exclusively executed by the boys which gives them a Ninja like project each night after the rest of the house goes to bed. The boys are getting a glimpse at what it will be like to experience the magic of Santa through the eyes of a parents without too much “heavy lifting” like money, shopping & intracate assembly…you know…just the giddy excitement!

“Ella Elf” Showed Up by Dressing Daddy Like Her While He Was Asleep. The Photo was OBVIOUSLY staged after all were awake to see the ridiculousness & enjoy it before the “teeth pulling” of a photo as you can see by the laughter & smiles “while pretend sleeping”:).

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Christmas Wolverine for ‘Weekend Rad Dads’

“Weekend Rad Dads” meaning Dads who have careers that might not allow for certain public behaviors for clients or peers to possibly see or permanent choices like hair color or even more Rad…tattoos. NOT to be confused with Dads who only get to see their kids on weekends.